Bluechip Responsible Gambling

Gaming should be treated solely as a sort of entertainment and leisure. Having fun is usually the major objective for betting offered by Bluechip. If you’re not having fun while gambling or end up gambling for any reason aside from for entertainment, this could produce serious concern.

At Bluechip, we retain the integrity of responsible gambling in high regard. This page is meant to supply you with information and tools through which you’ll prevent betting from becoming an addiction.

Play responsibly

Please find below an inventory of recommendations on the way to play responsibly:

  • Set a limit for yourself about losses and stick with it. Avoid getting yourself into a cycle of chasing losses;
  • Never borrow money to bet;
  • Take frequent breaks while betting and gambling;
  • Balance gambling and betting with other activities;
  • Do not gamble or bet if you’re affected by tons of stress, are depressed, intoxicated or are experiencing other similar issues.
  • Only bet money which you’ve got planned to use for recreational activities. Don’t bet money which is required to cover your living expenses.

How to recognize that you simply could also be developing a gambling problem

If you’ve got concerns regarding your gaming behaviour, we recommend that you simply complete a self-assessment test. You should to ask yourself the subsequent questions:

  • Are you spending longer on gambling than you’ve initially begun or wanted to, and do you neglect your duties and obligations to gamble?
  • Have others ever criticised you for your betting/gambling?
  • Are you regularly stepping into fights together with your partner or other people on the proportion time you spend gambling or the cash which you’re betting? Are you noticing that you simply cannot restrain or set limits for yourself?
  • Have you bet the money you’ll really could afford to lose?
  • Have you borrowed money or sold anything to be able to gamble?
  • Are you betting money which is required to buy rent, mortgage, medical fees, groceries, clothes, bills or other utilities?
  • Have you gone back on another day to undertake to get back money you’ve lost?
  • If you’re together with your family, at work or at an event , do you often think about the subsequent game or subsequent bet?
  • Do you think that betting may be a viable choice to earn money?
  • Are you furthermore may gambling during work hours, despite the very fact that it’s going to cost you your job?
  • Do arguments, frustrations or disappointments cause you to want to gamble?

If you’ve answered several of the above questions with “Yes” then you ought to act now, before things develop into a serious problem.

How to seek help if you think you’ll be developing a gambling problem

If at any point you are feeling that you simply got to take a break from betting or gambling, we recommend you to avoid visiting gaming websites. Additionally, we also recommend that you simply install software which will allow you to access internet gambling websites.

If you’re trying to find an establishment which offers consultation or therapy, you’ll also visit a treatment centre. The subsequent organizations can assist you to affect compulsive gambling:

  • Responsible Gambling –
  • Gambling Therapy –
  • Gamblers Anonymous –

The treatment centres listed herein are completely independent and are in no way affiliated with our website.

Protection of minors

Participation in gambling or betting for money is prohibited for minors. Therefore, it’s not permissible for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account or to place bets on our website. In case we find that a minor has created an account on our website by circumventing age verification checks, such accounts are going to be closed with immediate effect upon this becoming known and any winnings held therein shall be forfeited.

We turn to all parents and legal guardians to contribute to the protection of minors who have access to the web. You should discuss this subject with the minor and install an online filter software that blocks access to certain websites.

Please visit the websites listed below for further information and support:


If you hold any gaming accounts yourself, please also confirm that your account credentials remain out of reach of your children.

Self-exclusion options

If at any point in time you are feeling that you simply got to take a break from betting or gambling, we provide a variety of self-exclusion options.

You may choose a cool-off, which can exclude your account for a period of 24 hours. During this time, you’ll not be ready to place any deposits or participate in any bets. If you are feeling you would like an extended break, you’ll have to choose a short lived self-exclusion, where you’ll have your account excluded from your access to the Website’s services for 30 days. When your temporary self-exclusion period ends, we’ll notify you by email and your account are going to be reactivated shortly then. 

Please note that a self-exclusion request differs from a typical account closure, thereby you’ll have the access to your account, however you’ll not be ready to place any deposits or participate in any bets. This suggests that you simply won’t have an opportunity to withdraw your balance until the account is reactivated after cooling-off or temporary self-exclusion period. Being self-excluded means not having the ability to make a replacement gambling account with our website, wager or gamble on your pre-existing account and/or deposit funds.

Should you feel that you have developed a gambling problem, we recommend that you simply self-exclude on an indefinite basis. It’s possible to revoke self-exclusion upon a written request by contacting [email protected], however your account is going to be reactivated thereafter only after 24 hours from the submitted written request regarding self-exclusion. We reserve the right to reject reactivation of your account just in case we suspect that gambling problem still exists. You’ll not be able to deposit or withdraw funds when the self-exclusion limit is active.

You may request a cool-off or self-exclusion by contacting our customer support team on [email protected] Please make sure to write down “Cool-Off” or “Self-Exclusion” within the subject line.

We will enable your self-exclusion as soon as practically possible, however, please note that this process takes some working period to implement. We’ll not consider the self-exclusion period as having commenced until it’s been fully implemented and communicated to you. If you still access the Website’s services after self-exclusions, it’s your responsibility to contact us immediately. Any unsettled bets at the time that you enter into self-exclusion are going to be settled on the results of the event. If you’re considering self-exclusion, please think about contacting all gambling companies with whom you hold an account and ask to be self-excluded there also. 

We also reserve the right to suspend player’s access to the Website’s services, if the player communicates erratically, shows signs of mental disease and exhibits excessive dependence on gambling.